Census Sunday in Ecuador

Today all people now in Ecuador including Ecuadorians, Expat Residents like Joe and myself and even visitors on vacation are required by law to be at home between 7am and 5pm to take part in a census.   Thousands of young volunteers from the schools across the county will visit each family in Ecuador with a six page 70+ question census.

Stores, restaurants and even churches are closed until 5pm.  Limited bus service will be available for the students. The military and police will be monitoring the roadways as no automobile traffic is allowed during those hours unless you have a permit.  The beaches and waterways should be quiet as well.

The following link is for the government site explaining the reason for the census:


There is a red box for foreign residents and it is in English. You can download a PDF file.

When I looked out this morning I did see a few joggers on the beach, several cars on the Malecon and even a guy on a bicycle.  But at 6am here normally there is a lot of foot, car, bicycle and water traffic.

This is the group that will be handling the census for our area. These young students and professors were dropped off by a bus this morning right in front of our building.

Aloysius, the Professor, and Milton, the student, came by at a bit after 8am this morning. Between their knowledge of English and our little Spanish we were able to complete the census in about 1 hour. They took their time making us feel very comfortable.  They are both professional young men with a great work attitude and a good sense of humor.

After they completed their work we were given a sticker to attach to our door showing that we had complete the census.

It was painless!

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