Martha and Pepe

Joe and I were surprised late yesterday afternoon with a ring of our doorbell.  I went to answer the door thinking it was the phone repairman and lo and behold Martha and Pepe, our landlord’s daughter-in-law and son, were on our doorstep.

What a lovely couple! They are spending a few days here having work done on their own apartment, but must be back in Guayaquil on Sunday to participate in the national census.

Pepe remembers spending many vacations in our apartment with his parents and siblings. As a young man you could find him at the beach or on his sunfish sailing the calm waters around Salinas.  We enjoyed getting to know them.  They invited us to the yacht club for dinner. Did I jump at the chance to see the club? You bet I did. We have looked at the yacht club, the boats and the doings that have gone on there for the past five months from our balcony. We pass by the entrance almost every day on our walk up the beach to Chipipe. It was so special to be able to enjoy the inside of the club as much as we have enjoyed watching from the outside.

Both Pepe’s and Martha’s families have been members since they were both children. They explained the growth of the club from a small two story building to the beautiful complex that we see today.

This was luxury dinning at it’s finest. The service and the food were exceptional and it was a most enjoyable evening with Pepe and Martha.

Joe and I got to sign the guest book on our way out.

The above photo is looking across the water from the club to our building. It was the perfect evening. Thank you again Pepe and Martha for your kindness – it was a night we will not soon forget!


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