Thanksgiving at Will’s Score Sports Bar

We spent yesterday afternoon and evening at Will Taylor’s Hostel Aqui and Score Sports Bar. To say it was a feast would be an understatement. Will provided us with expertly prepared succulent turkey while the guests supplied all the side dishes. These ranged from the normal fare of mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing and gravy to an assortment of salads to numerous to list. We dined on fresh sweet pickles, bowls of fresh fruit, pineapple and sweet potato casseroles and then came the desserts of pumpkin pies and much more.  I could go on and on because that is what the counters and tables did. All filled with delectable offerings from the folks attending.

We met some very nice people that made Joe and I feel welcome. A heartfelt thanks to all the experienced cooks who prepared their special recipes to make this an exceptional Thanksgiving.

Thank you again Will for all your hard work in putting this event together. We will be back for those grilled burgers we have heard so much about!!

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