Colada Morada and Gauguas de Pan

Our travels around Salines take us places and to people we would never see staying on the Malecon. Several streets behind our building are small stores that sell vegetables, fruits, bread, milk – almost all you would need for your daily living here.  With the influx of visitors in-season, we know that our ability to get in and out of Mi Comesariato is going to be very difficult. Thus we are looking for alternatives.  We found a lovely little place that borders the recently paved road behind us.  I have stopped there for fruits like maracuya (passion fruit)at 5 for a dollar in the past, but what a surprise we found earlier this week.  The owner was stirring a huge pot (think witch’s cauldron) of thick purple liquid with pieces of fruit floating in it.  She gave us a  wonderful sample and we purchased a container for $3 along with the sweet tasty breads that are shaped like little babies. The Colada Morada can be served hot or cold. We loved it hot!

Well the Colada Morada and the breads did not last very long.  The owner told us that she will be making this treat again soon. We already have plans to walk by her store as often as possible this week…just in case she has more.

The above packet can be purchased in the grocery store.  We have not tried it yet but once they stop making it fresh we will have to make it ourselves. Now the bread is another matter; I don’t see myself making those in the near future.  I did buy two breads from Hipermart’s bakery this past week. They did not taste the same and what they were selling as Colada Morada had no fruit in it and was not at all appealing.

3 thoughts on “Colada Morada and Gauguas de Pan

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  2. Yum!!! I can’t wait. Sounds like the perfect snack stop. Fuel up and head out on my bike for places unknown and sights yet unseen.

    • By the time you get here this will not be available – you will have to come back next year by Nov. 2nd to get this tasty treat!!! Start making your plans.

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