D’Hugo’s Restaurante update

Yesterday Joe and I decided to go to D’Hugo’s Restaurante for lunch. We just could not resist and both ordered the Lobster in Garlic Sauce.  It was just perfect.

The serving size varies with the size of the lobster, our order came with 1 1/2 lobsters covered in a very rich garlic sauce, served with avocado, rice, patacones (twice fried green bananas)  and a salad.

I finally got pictures of their menu.  You should be able to blow this up and see what delectable things they offer.

We have visited D’Hugo’s many times since moving here in June.  We have ordered this specific lunch at least 10 times, it has always been fresh and always delicious.  They know us now and we are greeted with a big smile and a hug. Of course it doesn’t hurt that this occurs after they watch us walk by all the other restaurants on their block. Remember, in Salinas each restaurant has someone to come up to you and show you their menu as you pass by.

My only sadness is that I have yet to try their ceviches. I just can’t give up the lobster or the fried corvina.


6 thoughts on “D’Hugo’s Restaurante update

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