Local Whiskey in Salinas

Whiskey, spelled whisky here, has been a total surprise to us.  When we were younger we loved to have a scotch and water but the brands we enjoyed became more and more expensive.  After retirement we had to be a bit more cautious with our dollars and good scotch like Glenfiddich, Johnny Walker Black and Chivas is but a memory for our budget.

But not to worry – we found a few good substitutes here for our evening cocktail hour.  Bellows is listed as a whisky because of the law but it is indeed  scotch. Smooth and very enjoyable over ice with a dash of water.  The amazing part is the cost, at a bit  under $7 a bottle. We also found Old Times Black, a good sipping bourbon. Again, the cost is between $6.50 and $7.50 per bottle depending upon the store.  Both are respectable replacements in our opinion for some of the more expensive imported brands.

These are both made right here in Ecuador and if your taste tends towards  scotch or bourbon these are two local brands you might try. Joe says we must continue our sampling of local brands strictly in the name of science of course. So check back soon for more finds.


19 thoughts on “Local Whiskey in Salinas

  1. Well Nancy, this is good info. If I am going to retire, I will look forward to that evening cocktail. My tastes lean to rye whiskey and gin or vodka martinis. I assume you can get these as well, hopefully at a reasonable cost. I know the beer is cheap and I enjoy a cold brew on a hot day. Do they have liquor stores in Salinas or do you pick up your favorite at supermaxi?

    Take care

    • Good Morning Tom – I will see what they have on the shelves here on rye and gin and do a follow up post – I myself like vodka tonic and vodka martinis and have found Aria Vodka (water of life) here for $5.44 + tax at Hipermarket in the mall – bottled in Cuenca licensed by Moscow & Co. It’s listed as 40 proof. It’s inexpensive but not rot-gut and I do not wake up with a headache after having a few cocktails. My only issue is I have not seen martini glasses here – they sell all sorts and sizes of wine glasses, beer glasses, brandy glasses but not one martini glass since moving.

      Yes, there is a wine/liquor store that I have noticed one block off the malecon, on the way out of town. I have never stopped their – and yes that would make a good post as well. I did make a job for myself with this blog. It has been fun but everything I see, restaurant, store, site I want to take pictures and do a post. But just never enough time to do it all. Thanks for keeping up with my rantings and ravings. I look forward to your comments. Nancy

      • Nancy, it is listed as 40% alcohol, or 80 proof, which has become the de facto standard for most alcohols in the states, too. There are bourbons and rums at proofs above 80, in fact above 100. The last round of big price increases in the states moved most types down from 85-90 proof to 80 proof in the same size bottles.

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  3. Been from Ecuador myself, it has been a while going there. I will be visiting that area in August with my best friend.

    She loves her Vodka.. do you know were I can stock on it? I am staying about 3k from Montanita.

    I appreciate the positive blogs you are posting about my mother land… =;-)


    • Hi Dick, we love it here so it is easy to be positive on ALL things Ecuadorian! You can get a good variety of vodka in the local supermarkets, not sure if there is a Tia or SuperMaxi near Montinita but you will probably go to Manta and be able to find any brand of vodka. Tomorrow I am going to post Joe’s cocktail that he came up with for me using local fruits and rum. Hope you try it while you are visiting. Are you planning on moving back?? Have a great vacation. N & J

  4. Hello Nancy/Joe

    Here we are again coming to you guys from the Buckeye state.
    Definitely will be stopping by Salinas stocking on provisions on our way north via Ruta del Sol and sure will try Joe’s new concoction… lol sounds very interesting.

    I would love to move back there tomorrow if it was for me with my gringita, but getting resistance for now from my kids about moving far away. I am planning to have them come down and visit and once they do it, have no doubt they will fall in love with it.

    Plus I have couple more years before I can really call it quit here and just walk away from it all.

    • Hi Dick, thanks for keeping up with Salinas with us. Keep us posted on your adventures in the Buckeye state.. N

  5. Can you purchase any Canadian Wiskeys (Canadian Club, Seagrams VO, Crown Royal, Alberta Premium, in Ecuador. These are not scotch whiskeys, not single malts.

    Sincerely, Dan

    • Hi Dan – I have not seen Canadian whiskeys on the supermarket shelves here, I did go to Guayaquil this week to the big bus terminal and saw Johnny Walker and a few other whiskeys very expensive $40-58 a bottle. You may be able to find them in a liquor store, you may want to email Will at Score Sports Bar – Hostel Aqui and see if he can get it, he is a bar so if they have it he would be able to stock it for his business. Let me know if you need his email address. Nancy

  6. Nancy,I have spent two winters in Salinas and I plan to return in June. I know Amy. Jaun Carlos and ofcourse Poquita. I love them all. I would like to email you and keep in touch . My name is Maryanne Khan my email address is marybrin9039@aol.com. I would love hearing from you. Maryanne

  7. My wife and I are planning to move to Ecuador when we reach full Social Security age about 5 years. We are patrons of the whiskey arts, so we’re anxious to try out Bellows since we love our scotch!

    • Good Morning David, Never hear it called “Whiskey Arts” but that is a great name for sure. I think you will like Bellows. Enjoy planning your retirement. It has been the best time for Joe and I. Be well, Nancy

  8. Bellows is Ecuadorian whiskey flavored liquor, as with all Ecuadorian alcoholic beverages including Old Times, it is neutral grain alcohol with caramel color, flavoring, water, and perhaps some imported “essence” drawn from a foreign whiskey barrel. Bellows is by very definition the absolute opposite of scotch, as whiskey can only be called scotch whiskey if distilled in Scotland. Old times is not bourbon. And living here and not being able to have a decent drink at an affordable price has made me a bit ornery….

    • Very hard to find imported items anywhere in EC as well as Panama and Uruguay. If you find it you pay a hefty price. Have a great day and ornery is good it shows you are alive and kicking..N

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