The Birthday Girl, Amy

Our friend Amy had a party a few weeks ago at her apartment.  A group of her friends gathered to wish her Feliz Cumpleaños and we were happy to be counted in that number. It was a great get-together, especially for Joe and I, as we have not met many Expats or Ecuadorians since arriving in Salinas.  It’s our own fault as we have not put forth the effort to go to Will’s bar and mingle. We have been just too involved in enjoying the beach by ourselves. Stingy with our time, we wanted to become acquainted with our new area first.

We were happy to find such a lovely group of folks.  From Amy herself who was the consummate host, to Patti, with her bubbly personality it was a very special evening.  We had met John and Monica last month and I enjoyed spending time with them as well as Maria and her husband.  I am really terrible with remembering names so please forgive me as I spoke to many folks and now I cannot add their names here.

Nancy and Bob (visiting here from Portland) dropped in for a bit as they were attending another party in the building,  Got to speak with Sammy and his gal for a few minutes as well as several other very interesting people. Enjoyed our few minutes speaking with Lucius formerly from Atlanta like us. I am sure I will be using the services of Janis Rodriguez for a massage as Nancy Ross said she was excellent.

It was a wonderful evening and we met so many welcoming folks. Hope to make a few of them friends. Amy, Happy Birthday again girl. You are blessed and I know you feel the same way. Thanks Amy!


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