Pepito’s Corner

A short block and a half from our apartment one street behind the Malecon is a small restaurant that Joe noticed served hamburgers.  One of the five main food groups for Joe is hamburger, so we had to try this place.

We sat out on the sidewalk and watched the show while waiting on our lunches.  It was a holiday here and the streets were full. The burger advertised at 400 grams for $2 was more than we had expected.  A large fresh beef patty with tomatoes, lettuce, onion and a generous helping of ketchup and mustard on the biggest square focaccia type rustic roll I had ever seen. A large portion of fresh french fries, Joe’s big beer and my huge cup of espresso completed the meal.

The menu is filled with yummy sounding foods. Enlarge the photo to see.

It was a hamburger – but it was a very good hamburger -so we will return to have their submarine sandwich made with Lomo.

Joe will tell you the best part was finding that they sell Romeo & Julieta Cuban cigars.  I would beg to differ but Joe does enjoy a cigar now and then – so I say let him have his fun!

We went back yesterday morning after our walk and ordered the egg cup – it was a semi-soft cooked egg served in a martini glass with a basket of croissants, rolls and rustic bread with butter and jam. This was served with a slice of ham. cheese and a large glass of juice – total bill including espresso for me and cafe American for Joe was $7.


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