Independence of Cuenca (1820)

Happy Independence Day! Salinas has been a busy town this past weekend and the beginning of this week.  We have seen new stores and restaurants open that we did not know existed as many more folks arrived for the celebration.  During the day the Topsy ice cream vendor had inflatables for the kids as well as a guy walking around on stilts making balloon animals.

Chipipe has a section to the one side of the church that has vendor stalls filled with summer clothing,  jewelry,  CD’s and DVD’s as well as other beach type trinkets. This is the first we have seen these stalls open.  We purchased a few breads that they make for the Catholic Holy day of All Souls Day on Nov. 2nd on a street two blocks behind the malecon and picked up five large maracuja (passion fruit) for $1 – last night Joe made me a Maracuja Vodka Tonic – very refreshing indeed and I’m sure it was packed with Vitamin C.

We have learned to accept as a fact almost none of what we hear and maybe only half of what we see — so when we heard that this holiday would bring 100’s of thousands of rowdy folks to the beach we were skeptical.. it turned out to be a very nice well-behaved crowd.  Yes, they were here to party and have a good time and I hope everyone did, but they did not cause trouble that we saw or heard.

We were out Friday evening and walked back to our apartment after midnight with no problems, we spend most of Monday evening out and Tuesday we walked the beach early in the day, ate out for breakfast, did some shopping just to walk around town and even stopped at Coco’s Hostel for a mid-afternoon cocktail before heading back to our balcony to watch the show. We can only go by our experience – while living in Panama we found that every holiday brought out the “bad” people and many times in the course of a day we would see the police bringing people in the paddy wagon to the jail.  We have not seen anything like that here.

The signs posted to the back of these four-wheelers are warning beach goers to watch their valuables. Not a bad idea to make everyone responsible for their safety and the safety of their “stuff”.

The police presence has been increased. actually last evening at 3am there were four policemen on horseback riding the beach and then the malecon itself enforcing the 2am curfew on those that forgot their watches. ha ha I was not up because of the noise as Joe has set up a White Noise stick in our boom-box that almost eliminates the noise on the malecon.  Sorry I did take a video for Joe but I’m sure it will be way to dark to post.

If this is a preview of what we are to expect for season — we are ready and actually excited about it.


2 thoughts on “Independence of Cuenca (1820)

  1. Looked like a great party and it didn’t get too wild. I look forward to experiencing this when I retire in Salinas in about a year…..

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