Baptism on the Beach

If I live to be 100 I don’t think I will ever get over the wonders that can be seen on Salinas beach.  You have this beautiful ocean view with its easy waves, but you look out to see a myriad of activity almost every day. From the tankers queuing for their turn at the oil depot in Libertad, to the varied boats from beautiful sailing yachts and tiny sunfish to the tour boats and small fishing boats all coming and going during the day. Next comes baptisms on the beach, yes you read this correctly.

Last Sunday morning while the sun was shining and the beach goers were getting set up under their umbrellas, a large group gathered at the upper beach area for what looked to be baptisms. I watched in awe as a procession of around 20 people dressed in white t-shirts moved towards  the water surrounded by a long line of well-wishers. Greeted with applause, they walked jubilantly into the water and the waiting “ministers” for their heavenly dunk.

We are so blessed to see such varied and wonderful scenes, and we know it.

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