Turistas today, Neighbors tomorrow, Maybe!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting some visitors to Ecuador who are considering Salinas as their coastal paradise.

Nancy & Bob Ross from Portland are in Salinas for the second time with this visit. I must assume that our little town has them smitten as they will be here for a month on this trip. When we met on the Malecon it was like Nancy and I were long-lost friends. When we parted I really felt a connection to these lovely folks.

It was a terrific afternoon for me meeting this couple and getting to hear about their decision to move to Ecuador. As a special treat they came bearing gifts of horseradish and green curry paste – I cannot tell you how much I miss both these items.  This weekend Joe will be treated to a shrimp cocktail with my spicy cocktail sauce as well as Thai Green Curry Chicken thanks to Nancy and Bob’s efforts in schlepping these items halfway around the world.

A bit later I met Stephen Condor from Florida. We had so much in common as he and his wife Vickie (not able to make this trip) have lived near many of the places Joe and I lived in Florida back in the late 70’s and 80’s.  It was great to reminisce about “what South Florida was like back then”.  They are looking for their “beach hut” in one of the beautiful coastal cities as Steve is doing his “due diligence” in searching out that which will make them happy.

All in all, it was a wonderful day. Meeting new, like-minded folks, and enjoying their company with the sound of the surf in the background.  I commend all “pioneers” that make a decision to leave the known for the unknown and search for their slice of paradise wherever it may be.  Good luck to both these couples in making their dreams a reality.  Now back to that hammock.

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