Oh Mar Restaurante – Salinas Malecon

Oh Mar Restaurant located at the far end of the Malecon one block up from Coco’s Hostel, near the yacht club.  We have found the outside café style atmosphere and the good food an excellent choice for dinner.  Normally we order the Pepper Steak – which is a very large fillet of beef (lomo fino) cooked to your specification and covered in a rich brown pepper sauce.  This is served with white rice, french fries (over the top on starch but still good) and a small salad for $8.  The menu has a wonderful assortment of seafood dishes and each is pictured with an explanation allowing you to see what you will be getting before you order.  Service is good, place is clean and it is very organized.  They also have just opened another location one block behind the Malecon on the same block as Mi Comisariato Junior, our local supermarket.

7 thoughts on “Oh Mar Restaurante – Salinas Malecon

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  2. Thanks, I really enjoy reading about your experiences in Ecuador. As I mentioned before, my wife’s sister lives in Guaranda and has just retired. She is apartment hunting in Quito and we hope to spend a month or two there every year. We live in Altos del Maria, near Coronado, and have a condo in Panama City so we are a little too settled here to up and move to Ecuador. Although it is a thought! Looking forward to your next adventurous segment!

    Mike Eberhard

    • Mike- thanks for your comment – I am now trying to do reviews of restaurants and businesses – so we are having fun. I loved our time in Quito – Parke Carolina was the area that we spent most of our time. I loved the park, loved the places to eat and the malls – people were nice but not overly friendly – would move their except it is way toooooo cool for us. Actually, Salinas has been cool – middle 60’s at night, no sun most days so it may get up in the middle 70’s but it has not been what I consider beach weather, contrary to what others say — it’s cool… it has been a change from Panama’s humidity and we have very little rain. Folks are saying this is cooler than in past years…we will see

  3. Thanks so much for posting about restaurants and such! It is difficult to find much info about Salinas restaurants on the web! My husband and I just arrived and will be here for one month. We’re going to try some of the places you have reviewed starting today!

    Can you tell me where I can find a cafe with wifi? I’m looking for somewhere to chill out with my laptop. Thanks again for all the info!

    • Hi Wendy & Hubby – welcome to Salinas – I think the mall called “el Paseo Shopping” but the locals and taxi’s call it El shopping looks to have WiFi in their food court and maybe Will at Hostel Aqui has it available in the Score Sports Bar area not really sure. The hotels we stayed at when we got here had WiFi so we had no need to find other places. That will be something I will need to research and add to my blog. Enjoy your stay if you want to get together for a drink or cafe please let us know and we will make ourselves available.

  4. Hey Nancy! Thanks for the info! We have continued to “stalk” your restaurants which really makes choosing between the many out there so much easier. We’d love to meet you guys for drinks if you are available! We are planning on trying Score SB on Monday night to see if we can watch Monday Night Football. Let us know if you’d like to meet up with us at wendy@doris.name. Adios!

    • Wendy – not sure if you got my email from yesterday – something happened with your message on wordpress and I did not get it the same day you posted it. Sorry missed MNF at Will’s. Can we meet some time this week? Out at the phone company today our land line has not worked in almost 2 weeks — will be running errands almost all day – email me at nanlevin@gmail.com if you want to get together.

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