Restaurante El Gringo

We love walking the beach in the early morning and then doing a few errands.   Some mornings we stop at a small family owned and operated restaurant directly behind our apartment called Restaurante El Gringo.

I order the regular breakfast of one scrambled egg with ham, a slice of fresh cheese, one roll or slice of toast with butter and jam, coffee and juice for $1.50. Joe gets the Americano breakfast of two scrambled eggs with ham, a slice of fresh cheese,  two rolls or slices of toast served with butter and jam, coffee and juice for $2.50.  No tax No tip.  Most places in Ecuador serve the hot milk instead of hot water with containers of cocoa and coffee crystals on the table. It is an acquired taste but if you add a bit of each it’s like a rich hot chocolate.  There are a few restaurants that serve cappuccino, espresso and brewed coffee and I will get to them in future posts.

We have had almuerzo which is the set lunch meal of the day. It consists of a large bowl of soup, the entree is fried fillet of fish with rice, a salad and a glass of fresh juice for $2.50

We like these small mom and pop restaurants. When they get to know you they treat you like family, maybe better.  I get to hold the babies and when they see you elsewhere in town, you get a great smile and hello. It’s the simple things some days that mean the most.  Back in the old country we had some favorite restaurants we would frequent weekly or more for many years.  We tipped well, were friendly.  Never a flicker of real recognition. Didn’t expect it.  This is a nice extra.

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