New Friends in Chipipe

We met Birty when she came to my rescue one morning as I was attempting to explain to the hairdresser what I needed done to my hair.  We all know about my lack of Spanish skills but I thought I was doing a great job until the shop owner left me standing in the middle of the salon and went to get someone from the restaurant next door.  This beautiful woman joined us and in an accent I can only describe as part Caribbean with a hint of Ecuadorian she translates my wants and I promised to have lunch at the restaurant after my appointment was over. Joe and I spend a lovely afternoon over lunch enjoying fresh corvina and shrimp.

Birty is Ecuadorian married for many years to Jeff, a norteamericano. We have visited with them several times since our introduction at the hairdressers and they introduced us to our dinner hostess and host.  Last evening we had a wonderful dinner with Monica and John at their home in Chipipe. Chipipe is the next neighborhood from ours as you travel towards the tip of the peninsula and has a very nice beach.

New friends

New friends

It was an enjoyable evening with very interesting folks. Now I have to start planning a dinner party to reciprocate..  Oh what fun…

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