What did we see?

Last Sunday morning I awoke to the sound of horns and drums.  Right on the edge of the beach there were a group of folks drumming and blowing away. It must have been 6:30 on a Sunday morning when things in Salinas are pretty quiet and peaceful. They continued until mid morning when the sun was hot and many people had made their way on to the beach.



It looked to me like a Jewish ceremony – but Rosh Hashanah does not start until sundown on September 8th.  We will never fully understand this beach, seems that each new day brings other treasures for us to behold.

For all our Jewish friends have a wonderful Rosh Hashanah, especially Jennifer and Isaac.

7 thoughts on “What did we see?

  1. Hi, Nancy,
    We’ve been reading all your blogs. They are interesting and greatly informative! We’re planning on coming to Ecuador in Late Jan, spending a few days there in Salinas then a few up the coast….with the thought of moving there mid year. Would like to get together if possible…can you email us at tcfreeman2002@ yahoo.com?
    Tod and Mary

    • Hey Tod and Mary – happy to visit with you while you are in Salinas – actually today was a great day with the sun shining and it was WARM – we have been having some pretty cool weather but in late January it should be just wonderful for your visit. It will be in season so be sure to make reservations or you may have a problem when you get here. My email is nanlevin@gmail.com but I will email you also.

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