I have been suffering from what I believed was one devil of a sinus infection – it started several weeks ago with a foggy headache that nothing seemed to relieve.  Last week I turned over in bed in the middle of the night and felt like my head would not stop spinning. I scared the daylights out of Joe as I clung to his arm crying, not because of pain but because I felt totally out of control.  In all my life I have never felt that scared.

Thinking it was a really bad sinus infection, Joe went out to our local pharmacy the next morning and with a mixture of charades and his rudimentary Spanish purchased antibiotics and several other pills.  Over the next few days I had about 8 more episodes each getting a bit less intense and then they finally stopped.  My head still does not feel right but at least the spinning has ended.

Joe happened to read a friend’s blog from back in Dolega, Panama.  Hal actually collapsed while at the Panama – Costa Rica border and the doctor told him he was dehydrated.  One of his readers explained to him about BPPV and like Hal, it was exactly what I was experiencing.

I have always had issues with what I thought was sinusitis and have been able to predict a weather change far in advance of it actually happening with the intense pressure that I feel.  Seems that the barometric pressure affects the inner ear and in my case I must have a build up of small calcium deposits that are effected by this pressure.  I am now doing exercises to see if this will help as I never want to go through that again.

As a side note, while emailing my brother John who lives  near Philadelphia back  in the Old Country,  he mentioned that he had the same thing happen to him about five months ago.  He ended up on his bedroom floor at 2am. They did a CAT scan and MRI and everything was fine. The explanation was a disruption of the balance sensors in his inner ear.

Well thanks to Hal for the enlightenment and I’m going to keep up with the exercises. Hal, by the way, owns and runs the best used English bookstore in Panama called BOOKMARK.   Hal, we miss you, Michael (his able longtime assistant), and all those wonderful books!

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