It’s the little things

We are renting a furnished apartment – but as you would imagine furnished does not mean perfect furnishings it means you get a couch but… What we have is a very large apartment much larger than Joe and I needed or wanted but the price was right and the view was better so here we are. Actually we both headed for the balcony as soon as we walked into the apartment and the number of rooms and the furnishings were not part of our decision to rent.  It is like most of the apartments on the beach in Salinas they seem to be used like a huge bunk house. Everything we looked at came with beds, beds and more beds.  Our four bedroom with employee room will sleep over 13 people…just who has that many friends or relatives that they would want to spend their vacation with. We actually have not purchased bed linens for anything except the master bedroom up to this point.

So the furniture is not exactly our style the couch for instance has seen better days so I had Paquita, the lady who helped with my heavy cleaning, make a cover for the couch and the chair.

Paquita and the new couch cover

Paquita and the new couch cover

She did an amazing job. I expected a throw type cover with maybe a few ties to hold it in place.  What we got was a form-fitting cover that hides all the imperfections and the best part is that it is clean.  The cost of the material was $20 and Paquita only charged $20 for her work.

It’s the little things!

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