Meeting new friends

This past weekend and today we met two lovely couples.  First on Saturday while we were shopping at the mercado we got a telephone call from Marleen Brown and Jack Brooks from San Francisco. They were visiting Salinas and our friend Amy Prisco  gave them our name and number.  They were interested in just talking about why we picked Ecuador to retire and Salinas as our hometown.   It was fun to get together and share a bit of our Salinas with them.  I was bad – I had taken my camera but got so caught up in just enjoying myself I failed to take a photo to put on my blog.  We celebrated Marleen’s birthday with lobsters and beer. Sorry Marleen and Jack the next time we meet you need to remind me to take pictures!

We had been emailing Chuck and Nancy Watson from Cuenca for the past week as they were on their way down to visit the coast.  We got together for lunch today at Cevichelandia. Sad to say that they awoke this morning to a bit of rain and packed mostly coast clothing, I hope the rest of their trip is warmer than Salinas.  It was so interesting getting to know these nice people and to share what we love best – sitting on the balcony just watching the boats go by. Next time lunch is on us and now we have a reason to visit Cuenca.

Chuck & Nancy Watson, August 16, 2010

Chuck & Nancy Watson, August 16, 2010

Nancy and Chuck have a blog about their adventures in Ecuador and you can see that at:

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