Earthquake this morning

While enjoying my second cup of coffee and catching up on my emails the hammocks started rocking as we had our first earthquake since moving to Ecuador.  It was between a 6.9 and 7.2 according to the first reports on the USGS site.

Earthquake 8/12/2010  7:00AM

Earthquake 8/12/2010 7:00AM


8 thoughts on “Earthquake this morning

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  3. HOW OFTEN DOES Salinas, Ecuador GET EARTHQUAKEs? A 6.9 AND 7.2 EARTHQUAKE SEEMS VERY BIG AND DANGEROUS, WAS IT AND ANY DAMAGES CAUSED? Thinking of coming there but earthquakes does not sit well with me. Thanks for your response in advance.

    • Jenny- That was the one and only quake we have had since moving to Salinas in June 2011 and it occurred August 2011. It did no damage at all. We would feel them all the time in Panama.

  4. I did feel one on wee hours of morning sometime around 12th august in Manta-shaking of bed minor but I forgot to ask anybody else felt the same thing or there was no talk by anyone else-My biggest one that I felt was in last august-2010 with vigorous shaking of my bed and it was frightening!I heard that all the new bldgs meet the code and there is nothing to worry and I did not hear or read any widespread damage in the cityeither!

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