We are not big salt users but while living back in the states we stopped using regular table salt and started using sea salt.  I have not seen sea salt on the store shelves here, in Panama it is very expensive but that is what we used.  What we have found here is that regular table salt has fluoride in it.  I really do not think Joe and I are fluoride deficient so last week I started getting ocean water to make my own salt.



First I strained it through a coffee filter twice just to be sure no sand got through the first filter. Then I put it on the stove and let the water evaporate. That should kill anything that could possibly live in sea water.

Nancy's salt

Nancy's salt

I have been told that you can get Sal de Mar at the local marcados but I have not found it yet. This looks to be about 3/4 cup of salt from three liters of sea water.


3 thoughts on “Salt

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  2. You need to trek up to those hills of salt on the road between Salinas and Puerto Lopez … we saw it cloer to Puerto Lopez I think.
    Good for you, Nancy, for making your own.

    • Karen –Actually we can see two of those salt flats from our back balcony – I think they are on the military base so I would never considering jumping the fence (Karen honestly could you see me attempting to jump a fence) – it was fun and very easy just to make my own — and from that 3 liters of water 3/4 cup of salt will last us a long time.

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