Working with a “Facilitator”

Well that’s what I call Amy – she is going to facilitate us getting things done in a place where things move slower and with the obstacle of not knowing the language, she is going to be worth her weight in gold!  We met on Friday for around three hours to go over my “to do” list. She was not fazed by any item and actually gave me so many helpful hints for daily living in Salinas that I felt we had a very successful first meeting.  We scheduled to met the next day at 10am to go to La Libratad to the central market.

First thing she instructed me was on how to get a route taxi – I had never heard of this form of transportation so we gave it a go.  There are taxis that are designated as “route” taxis they stay to a specific route from the military base at the end of the peninsula to La Libratad, picking up a max of 4 passengers – this cost .50 per person. A regular taxi would cost $2 to go to La Libratad.  It was kind of fun!

When we got to the market area I was just amazed it covers probably 8 blocks, store after store, filled with veggies, fruits, basic food items. fresh herbs, rice, beans, clothing, housewares, it was a treasure of wonderful items.  Then we arrived at Buena Ventura Mall this is an enclosed two story mall sectioned off into small stores, filled with all types of clothing, shoes etc. It also has a food court and out on the patio folks were doing manicures, pedicures and dying hair.  There are two separate central Mercado one for fruits, veggies and meat and a separate one for fish.  We never made it to the fish market.

La Libratad Market Area

La Libratad Market Area

Joe and I will be making this market a regular stop.  I’m not sure it will be on a Saturday as the number of people shopping was overwhelming!

4 thoughts on “Working with a “Facilitator”

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    • Not sure if “salinasgal” is our Amy – our Amy’s website is She is fabulous for those of us who have not gotten the language and need that extra help with banking, installing cable and just helping with understanding a bit more of the culture and ways of Salinas. She has been such a great help I would be in tears over some of the things I did not understand.

  2. Thanks Nan. I checked out her website. Amy Prisco IS the salinasgal.

    I just barely started a WordPress blog, sort of a daily compiliation of the Ecuador expat blogoshere and it seems that when I link to another WP site it will “track back.” Guess I had better hurry and finish it.


    • Good morning Mary – I really like the idea – the compilation is a great way to see Ecuador through a number of folks experiences so as not to get just one skewed vision. I happen to really love it here so my vision might be a bit shadowed by that fact. As to Amy she is a treasure and worth meeting if you come to Salinas.

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