Salinas, could this be our next home town?

We arrived in Salinas on June 8th after a wonderful time in Puerto Lopez. What were we going to find here?

We hoped that we would find a home so that we could settle in after several months of living in hotels!  Our first impression of Salinas was spectacular!  A beautiful beach that was protected on both ends by the yacht club to the left and a curving coast line to the right. The malecon was open and inviting surrounded by condo’s with restaurants, stores and small businesses on the ground floors and residential apartments above.  The buildings were approximately 12 floors high and pretty nicely maintained.

Salinas Beach

Salinas Beach

We stayed at the Francisco II for the first week. This hotel is located at the far end of the beach directly across from the yacht club.  Off season the restaurant on the second floor is not open but the patio overlooking the malecon would be a very relaxing place to have breakfast.

View from Francisco II balcony

View from Francisco II balcony

We moved to Salinas Suites one block off the malecon with a much larger airier room.  The hotel is part of three hotel group on the block and you can use any of the facilities including a pool in one of the other buildings.  Our room rate included breakfast across the street and was a typical American style breakfast, rolls, coffee, juice and eggs. You can also replace the eggs with fresh fruit. Don’t be surprised to see coffee made with hot milk and instant coffee crystals.  Most places we found did not make brewed coffee.  You can get Nescafe “machine-made” cappuccino or mocha-chino in a few places on the malecon.  We were very excited to purchase our own coffee maker after drinking instant.

We made several appointments with realtors and saw a variety of properties, most were condo’s that we located on the malecon with great ocean views.  We did travel to Ballenita (means little whale)  several times to look at the area as well as a few homes that were for rent.  They were nice areas but the town was much too small I would have had to go to Santa Elena or La Libratad for almost everything.  We were not interested in being so far outside of a bigger town.  We also looked around the Chipipe area and did see more single family homes but the area is pretty dead during off-season and I really did not want to live all by myself in an area.  We came back to Salinas on the malecon and found our new home.  It’s a condo on the 10th floor.  Very different for Joe and I but it had almost everything we were interested in except “no earth”.  We will be here for the next year and hope that our family and friends can take advantage of this beautiful resort town and come down and visit.  It has a full range of water sports from snorkeling to water skiing.  There are inexpensive boating trips to see whales, fishing or just to explore the coastline.  In the evening you can visit any number of bars, restaurants and night clubs and transportation is available to visit Guayaquil and any other city you may have an interest in. We like walking the beach early in the day before the vendors set up, this is a quiet, clean, lovely beach with a beautiful coastline to explore.

Salinas sunrise from our balcony

Salinas sunrise from our balcony

3 thoughts on “Salinas, could this be our next home town?

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  2. Nancy, Thanks so much for your posts; I look for them every day in my emails. They are a window on a cherished past for me, as I worked in Ecuador as a Peace Corps volunteer for three years (1966-69). I was based in Quito but got around the country quite a bit – remember giving a clinic in Jipijapa (a small town not too far from your area) once. But I don’t remember ever going to Salinas.

    Thanks again for sharing your life experience with us.

    Eric Bishop
    Juncos, Puerto Rico

    • Eric, So happy you are enjoying the blog. It is a great way to organize our photos from our time here and also to let the folks back home see what is going on as well. Back in the late 60’s this would have been a very different place, our building is one of the first to be built and it is about 40 years old. This would have been a very small town. Roads were really bad and you needed to bring your own food from Guayaquil because there was just about nothing here, no grocery store very few restaurants etc. The current president has made some major improvements like the roads, when we got here back in March they had just started on the Ocean Highway they all it Route del Sol, also Route del Spondylus but we don’t have that much sun here so why Route del Sol I will never know. The roads are wonderful now. How long have you been in PR – let me know what that is like – we are always looking for new adventures. Have a great day and thanks for reading. Nancy & Joe Levin

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