Final plans underway for our move to Ecuador

We are making our final plans for our move to Ecuador.  We have been living in Panama for over 3 years now and have been blessed with much happiness and healing in our time here.  Having made many friends and expanded our horizons in ways we never knew could be possible along the way.

Friends of Dolega

Friends of Dolega

Friends at the gate

Friends at the gate

Our time here has allowed us to find a new peace for our lives and great hope for a future filled with new adventures and of course laughter and happiness.

Front Porch in Dolega, Chiriqui, Republica de Panama

Front Porch in Dolega, Chiriqui, Republica de Panama

We have spent the past year getting over minor medical issues including lens replacement surgery for Joe that postponed our move by almost a year.  I too had some issues with a trigger thumb that required surgery and several months prior and post surgery therapy.  Now is the time to get our household packed and ready to move.

Our dear friend from Dolega, Ed Case has offered to purchase all our household items for his rental apartment.  So we will be packing our clothes and a few memory items and should be in Ecuador before the end of March.  Joe has been working on udating our computer and scanning photos, recipes and personal documents for the trip.

We will be informing our landlord Prof. Otto of our intent to vacate by March 19th.  Off we go for our next adventure…..

Parque Cervantes, David, Chiriqui, Republica de Panama

Parque Cervantes, David, Chiriqui, Republica de Panama

2 thoughts on “Final plans underway for our move to Ecuador

  1. Hi Nan- Joel here (findingmyselfinpanama)- I love your blog! And when I found that you had live in Panama, in Dolega, I wondered how you discovered Ecuador and why you decided to leave Panama. We’ve only been here 6 months and do like it but you never can tell if you will stay in one place forever. We spent 17 years in Sarasota, Florida and I’ve lived in Kansas, Hawaii, Guam and California growing up. Now we’re here but I’m curious as to what pushed/pulled you to move. If there’s a post where you explain it please let me know. Love the hammock!!!

    • Good Morning Joeltc1…Thanks for reading our blog. We loved Dolega still consider most of our neighbors as family today after three years in Ecuador. We love the beach and Panama just did not have many beach towns, yes, some resorts like Decameron near Panama City but without a car it was difficult to get there. In our three and a half years in Dolega we only saw the beach once and that was because our friends Rosy and Carlos took us with them. We also lived in Florida from 1976 to the early 90’s and loved it.

      I guess the big push was that we saw some crime issues in Dolega and the surrounding areas that scared us and lack of police support for those that had been hit. Our biggest pull would have been the thought of being at least near a beach that we could visit….after three years of searching here in Ecuador we found what we consider our own Beach Hut, small house in a good neighborhood of all one family, three houses from a very nice quiet beach…we feel doubly blessed having spent the time in Panama and healed and now our final destination on earth San Clemente…thanks for asking and thanks again for reading about our life here. Have a wonderful Sunday, I am off for my walk, Nancy

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